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You will love the exceptional flavor of Sanani, The Original Mocha Coffee®!

Rich in taste, character and history, Sanani is a strong, flavorful  coffee distinguished by its full body, good acidity and complex undertones. Our coffee is a single-origin Arabica coffee bean that has been a connoisseur favorite for centuries. The Sanani Coffee Company selects premium beans from the finest regions of Yemen. Our proprietary process is unmatched.

Interestingly, in the last two decades mocha has come to be known as a coffee drink prepared using regular coffee and chocolate syrup. But Sanani, The Original Mocha Coffee is a pure single-origin coffee that some describe as one of the most wonderful and flavorful cups of coffee in the world.

Of the many complex flavors in this pure coffee, some connoisseurs detect a mild chocolate undertone. This may very well be the underlying reason for why the commonly consumed chocolate-espresso drink uses the mocha name.

Considered one of the finest coffees in the world, Sanani coffee has been cultivated and processed in the same way for centuries, grown on mountain terraces and naturally dried. No chemicals are used in its cultivation, and it is naturally organic.

When you entertain, your discerning guests are sure to be delighted by the exceptional taste of Sanani Coffee. It is like sharing your best bottle of wine with your most distinguished guests. Generous hospitality is always appreciated, remembered and talked about.

Sanani is a perfect choice for breakfast, dinner, romantic evenings, or any time of the day. It compliments casual dining as well as elegant formal dinners. Celebrate any occasion with Sanani, The Original Mocha Coffee.

You can buy Sanani online or simply call us toll free at 1-877-805-5111.
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